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Weekly Notes #1

Monday, October 05, 2015
Dear You,

Like I told you before on the previous post, I'd start something new here. Writing a weekly notes, little scoop summary of my life in the past week. Not sure how I can pull this off in the middle of everything, but I'm gonna try it anyway.

Since elementary school, I never be the popular kind of girl. I don't make a lot of friend. I remember I only have few close friends, the kind of friends that really close although really far miles away, but still be there when I need them. At least I have 1 or two really close friend from each stage of my life, and still feel blessed. I do socialize in the small and the same circle. It's easy to get to know me better, but to make someone our good friends, it does takes time. Although, I wasn't in purpose being selected for a new friends, I'd love to hangout with anyone. But I guess time does all the works. Sooner or later, we would know, which one truly good, and which one is not worth fighting for.

In relationship, I always be typically of one timer girl. When I'm into someone, mostly I'd fall hard. My heart is just really weak piece of meat. I fall easily, but let go hardly. I find it easier for me to move on when the guy push me away, wait till one click (turning point), then I'd get over it. 2 years ago, I had my last break up. One thing I regret the most was, I didn't fight better. Just give up like that. That's what I want to do for the next relationship, fight more for the one I love. So at least, when everything need to be done, I wont have any regret left.

As an Aries, it's easy to give up things we started with fire spirit. Well, Idk if its an Aries thingy or it just me, but maybe I need to change that. Start to fight and remember why I started it in the first place. There's always be a reason to stand up to what we believe. Whatever it is. That positive energy, is the one I need now. The positive energy to do not give up easily and give more effort. Because they say, if it's worth it, then why not fight for it?

Good night & good luck!
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