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Weekly Notes #7 JAPAN TRIP DETAIL!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holaaaaa again!!

Okay, okay. Its my bad because once again I keep skipping on my routine with Weekly Notes. So this notes should be aired last weekend, but I was just too tired to open my laptop and writing. Not jetlag situation, but just simply tired after long hour and direct flight, back from Chitose (Hokkaido) - Narita Tokyo - Jakarta, Indonesia. The planed landed in Jakarta at 00.30am midnight, and I reached home finally at 01.30am. Exhausted.

But the trip was fun. I had so much fun. Although there was language barrier, but it was fun went abroad with mom and sister. Not sure about bonding time, but at least we talked about things.

For this post I think I'd share to you little bit scoop about Japan and where I went to around Shinjuku & Hokkaido. How I goin around the city with zero percent of Japanese language? Actually, I want to make it like vlog going around Japan, it would look so cool. But I think my confidence wasn't good enough to keep talking to the camera, so I just recorded it sometimes, and give little bit talk as well. I'll try edit it later and put it on Youtube (if I brave enough). Lol. So, here the scoop about the trip! This one will be longer than usual Weekly Notes, and you'll see lots of photos. 

1. Shibuya 
When you heard about Shibuya, you must be know (from TV or maybe you have been visit that place a while back) about the legend Shiba dog, Hachiko, that waiting his master in front of train station until he died. Yes, in this place you can find Hachiko statue, that believe me, never quiet by the visitor. Not only foreigner that want to have picture with the statue, even the Japanese people also keep buzzing around the place.

Talk about Shibuya train station, this place also nearby with the famous super crowded intersection. As far as I know, Japanese people are highly discipline, walking super fast (like super human fast, sorry), and everything look organized. But that day, I didn't see it at Shibuya intersection. Once the light turn on green, like hundreds of people went all over the road. You really need to keep your walk straight and strong, if not, you'd be going to other direction. If you can see from up (actually they have either McD or Starbuck in one of the building in front of the intersection, where people keep taking picture to capture how messy and crowded the road are), then you can know how crazy it is.
We are not talking to two way or three way intersection here. I think it's more than that. Maybe it's around five different direction, meet in one point and it become crazy, full of people with high speed walking. Amazing!

Another fun fact about Shibuya. If you are Japanese music hard core fans, and come to Japan has been your dream ever since, and you want to buy Japanese music CD or DVD, you actually can go to one place (it's more like a building) called Tower Records. Well, I am not a big fan of Japanese music, but my sister is. So we went there to get her few CD of her favorite singe, Yonezu Kenshi (or sounds like it. She keep buzzing us with his name, but since I don't know about him, his name keep forgotten). Well, if you are like me (not a hard core Japanese music fan), you still can prepare your camera to take picture with another Hachiko statue. Little bit different with the original one, but still fun to watch.
This Hachiko statue stand in front of main gate Tower Records. I think he blew by the wind to the right when someone made his statue. Lol. Yes, you can take his picture with you.

2. Kawaguchi Lake (Kawaguchiko) 
Since I went to Japan with my mom that have seminars in Tokyo Nodai (Tokyo University of Agriculture), and the seminars somehow include trips to Fuji mount (although in the end we know that we are not actually go to mount fuji, only around the area). I know, I'm one of the worst travel blogger ever (LOL), because I don't exactly documentary all about the trip, but I just enjoy the view and how beautiful the landscape is instead.

By the way, we went to Kawaguchiko (Kawaguchi Lake), one of the famous lake below the mount Fuji. Yes, Mount Fuji has 5 different lakes around. There are Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko, and Motosuko. From these lakes, you can actually see the mount Fuji (if you are lucky, because when we went there, the mount cover by cloud and the weather little bit gloomy, but surprisingly not that cold like I imagine.
And I wasn't exactly went to near the lakes, because we need to walk few minutes more from where the bus parked. So, I just went around, not too far from the bus parked. But I got some picture to show you how beautiful (and peaceful) the place was.
No, there's no butterflies around. This little guy (or probably girl), came to me and stay in my hand for few second, and fly again all around me. Consider I was lucky, or something. Meh, I don't know why this pretty butterfly came to me anyway..

I think if you took 5 lakes mount Fuji trip, they will take you to few stops, one of them is farmers market. What they sell here? Actually souvenirs, foods, goods, and some farmers produce. But, since you come to Japan, you should try 2 delicious fruit that grows well here. Its Japanese persimmon, or famous called 'Kaki'. It taste like papaya combines with peach, and the color also looks like peach, oranges but the skin like apple. One more is Strawberry. My mom bought 2 small boxes. Taste so refreshing, sour but sweet. In Indonesia, there's no like Japanese Strawberry. I heard because Indonesia is not cold enough to grow Strawberry well. You'd love them, and wanted to come back to Japan just to taste them again. 

In picture below, I put mount Fuji image. Not too clear, but somehow I can see the top of Fuji, although it hiding by cloud.

3. Tokyo Disneyland 
I think this was one of those moment that I've been waiting for so long. Disneyland, guys, finally!!! Getting there is easy, actually, but the lines in train station in Japan was crazyyy... If you are a first timer come to Japan and do not speak Japanese at all (like me), for sure you'll get lost. But don't worry, try to use your hand sign language or google translate (not always work, I tried. Since they don't speak nor understand English well, and somehow some of them are afraid to help foreign tourist to find a way, although we start conversation with "Sumimasen" that means excuse me). 
Just so you know, there's few ways to get to Tokyo Disney Resort. These picture below are ways with train from Shinjuku or Tokyo. For more detail you can just dig in through their online website : 
After get of from the train, you will find yourself seeing this light banner. And you are just a step away from the magical Disneyland. By the way, the resort has 2 different main area. The Disneyland Park and the DisneySea Park. This time my mom, my sister and me go straight to the Disneyland Park area.

As you maybe have seen in picture or watch it from Youtube, Disneyland always perform parade. There are few kind of parade, daytime parade and nightime parade. I watched both of them. I came there around 1 or 2 pm, and they about to start the daytime parade "Happiness is here". People started to get a comfy spot on side of the main road. As you can see on the picture above. Many of them have been prepared, some of them bring their own mat. I wasn't prepared for that, so I was just sit on my Disneyland map and hopefully the weather will be nice. But actually what was happened, the rain start to fall when the parade started. 

It was wet but wonderful. Although I was little bit disappointing, because I didn't see a lot of character. Only classic character in Disney movie. We wont see Princess Elsa and Anna, or Bay Max. But main character from Toy Story came along. 

Sorry because I didn't took so many pictures, I was busy to enjoy all things around. As night comes, you should prepare for couple performances. The nightime parade and the Once Upon A Time show.

The Nightime parade basically similar with the daytime parade, but with light all over the character dresses, the vehicle also. Another amazing and worth to remembering.
In another hand, Once Upon A Time show isn't something you want to missed. If possible, you'd like to buy ticket to sit on the bench chair that they've provided to get the more unforgettable experience (and also even clear view).

Once Upon A Time show is like using light and sound and picture it into the wall of Cinderella Castle. So they using projector to show and tell the stories of Disney movie. And yes they have an epic ending with fireworks. I captured the ending because it was my favorite of all show (they tell in Japanese, so I don't understand even a bit. But I do know what they told us, sort of, as we know all the Disney story).
After that show ends, it also end my trip in Tokyo. It was great adventure actually. But I have another post that hopefully I will write soon. As I tell you before, my trip to Japan is about two places. Shinjuku Tokyo and Hokkaido. Next time I'll tell you little bit about my trip to Hokkaido and few places that you should visit when you come to Japan.

So, see you guys in the next post! 
XO, Fienna N

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