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Holiday with Sisters Post-New Years Eve 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016
First, lemme say Happy New Year to all of us! This would be my first post in 2016. What could be better to post than update about new year celebration, right? 

Okay, I admit. I don't really celebrate new years in a big way (party and that kind of stuff), because it just passed a night, but I do make it as time to gather with my family and loves one. For this year, I went to Bandung to see my cousins and decided to get myself little vacation. Plus, Christmas and new years we always get almost 2 weeks of days off. See, how great was that! 

So here there are I post some of my photos of the last holiday memories. It was 4 days full of fun and talk and had fun some more. I bet you also spent your time with your precious one and had great night.

It took 3 hours and half to go to Bandung from my hometown in Bogor, because I need to pass a part of Jakarta. What it could be better than have your Starbee drink on your way? I mostly drive alone everywhere. I drive to work, home, mountain and out of city alone. For most people its kinda tired, but for me it just a fun way to have me time. 

The day after, my sister cooked Bibimbab for me. She even bought the pot to help the cooking process. She learn how to prepare and cook this Korean dish. As I look, it pretty easy, but took a while to prepare all the ingredients. Turns out it yummy as we eat from Korean restaurant. Loved it! 

Since I came to Bandung alone, and need quality time to be with my sister to talk things better than in Imessage like usual day, I went to this cute and homey place called The Crumble & Bites in Sukajadi, Bandung. The place was so Instagram-able. You can see white is the main color there. They use marble as table, with the wood legs. So pretty.

One of their special food and beverage is this cotton candy. It looks so pretty and makes both of us hesitate to eat that but taking lots of picture instead. 

My holiday isn't end that day. I was supposed to go back to my hometown at 2nd of January, but my sisters asked me to stay longer. Well, I'm glad I did it anyway. So we have more times to spent together. 

From your left to right. Dilla, me and Ayu. We all made white top theme, just for fun and it turns out pretty. That day we decide went to new coffee shop in Tahura, Dago. Ayu hubby, Irman is driving.

So here we were in complete member that day. From left to right. Me, Dilla, Irman and Ayu, waiting for our order to come. While waiting, what else we could do? Wefie and takes a lot of picture. Here some of them...

Yes and hands start to get involved...

 More hands in frame...

One more thing, the day after new years eve, I went to Taman Balai Kota Bandung, that just opened the night before (if I'm not mistaken) and I make a short video about it. This is my first video, and I think I'll make some more to help showing you about place I went or things I do. Enjoy! 


Well, it was one of fun day. I hope we got to do it more often and become a regular thing. But sometimes our routine just get in hand and makes us apart from each other. 

The new year is here, finally. I'm not a biggest fan of new years resolution, because most of the time I keep failed to do so. But for this year, I just hope everything will be better, I could go better and happier and healthy. I wish the same thing going for you, gals. 

Happy New Year 2016! 
Hope God bless us all... 

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