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February Favorites 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016
Since we are in the end of this lovely February, then I want to start new monthly things. The number might not the same for every post, but these few things I see or I bought each month will be explained here. 
I saw many of this post through Youtube, but since my Youtube channel kinda suck, so I will share it to you some of my favorite things from this month in this blog instead. Maybe some of these are your favorite too, then that's makes two of us. Let's begin!

Tuberose flowers in my bedside table plus Gogirl this February 
If you're not a florist or flower enthusiast (neither do I), you might not know that this flower actually smells really good. For me it's kinda soothing. You should try. It was my busy day and kinda bad week, I bought a bouquet of this and put in vase on my bedside table, and makes me wake up feel better. You could find the flower mostly on someone wedding, the smell is really good. You should try.

Gogirl is my favorite magazine. This month edition is stunning from cover (Kendal and Kylie), all the topic about looking good + feeling good. Every month they gave us different big topic to read, although is teen-young adult magazine, somehow it related to all ages. That's what i like from them. This month is their 11 years birthday!! Happy birthday my lovely magazine!! Long live!

As an extra, that picture above i took last week with my friend and it turns out great. Plus, it got featured on Gogirl Instagram too! Yeay!!

Mashup Perfect & Style | Cover by Jonah Baker

I saw this on Youtube recently and been in love ever since. This mashup isn't the real thing, but still turns out great. Cover by Jonah Baker (whoever you are, thank you, this is great!!). If you haven't heard this before, click it on video above and be ready to fall in love.

Love Yourself by Justin Bieber 
After long hiatus, Justin Bieber come back with new album called Purpose. I am not a Belieber (fans for Bieber) but even I love this new album. Like all the songs inside are great. But since lately I love such a calm song, my favorite is this one..

Halftime Superbowl 2016 by Beyonce & Bruno Mars

To be honest, I'm not the fans of Superbowl (not a fans of sport either), but I always waiting for the Halftime Performance they give it. This year, Coldplay step to the stage as the main show with Beyonce and Bruno Mars that had been performs on that stage a couple years back.

One thing I love from this year performance is how stunning Bruno Mars feat Beyonce. Both are super great, and somehow makes Coldplay performance wasn't stand out as we expected before. I don't know about you guys, but maybe some of you kinda upset with this. But since I love Beyonce and Bruno Mars and those surprises, and not Coldplay fans, so I'm not upset at all. Both of them are great together this year!

Learn to Code 
I read somewhere that one of the must have skill for career girl in this 2016 is learn how to code. For me, i rather learn how to do a simple code than pay someone to do it for me. I think someday this skill will help me, either for personal use or for career. Who knows?

If you want to learn coding in a simple way, like how to build an interactive website, you can learn in here :

Alkaline water
Yes, you read it right. It called alkaline water, with pH balance higher than the ordinary tab or bottle water. Mostly with pH 8, the water feel lighter and smoother.
Before I thought all water are the same. Water, what's different about these? But actually, the pH, the source, the processed, it makes lots of different. That's why there's ordinary tab water, alkaline water, distilled water, purified water, spring water, or mineral water. For more info, you can check here : Types of Water and Alkaline Water.

Hope you like it this post. If you do, please hit subscribe and share button. So, what is your favorite things in this month? Share it yours on the comment box down below, I'd like to read it.
See you in the next post! 

XO Fienna
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