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Weekly Notes #18

Monday, February 15, 2016
Okay, I know what you thinking. I did jumped really far from Weekly Notes #7 to now its Weekly Notes #18. I know, I'm really bad at keeping promise.

Here's quick update about my life recently.
  1. I'm kinda suck at my job
  2. Someone broke my heart 
  3. Working on my own project 
  4. I feel need learn something new
There's no point to explain in detail what's going on up there. I think i just need sometimes to think, before I take another step further. As far as I know, I kinda lost my focus. Everything in my head now is all about the project I've been doing these days (will tell you later about this, once I passed the trial and error part). Somehow I get over excited about that. Don't blame me, that's what we called passion.

Relationship been suck lately. I don't know when I'll be good about this. But anyway, since it's a new year and my birthday is coming, I think I need to learn something new. I've been in my comfort zone for the past almost 2 years, I need to create new challenge.

Ah yes, yesterday was Valentine day, wasn't it? How were you guys celebrate it? Or you more like, that anti-Val Day person? Then, I have quote for you (I saw this from Instagram, that I think it's pretty Path-able).

Mostly after broken heart, I feel so little and down with myself. I know it's a bad and full of negativity. But sometimes I just can't help it. But listen to the song, watch some series and look at this quote, makes me think "Hey, it wasn't all my fault. Things just didn't work out the way we hope before. Let it go and let's open new chapter..". 

love yourself

I know, it's easy to say things like this (like we act everything is normal, when in fact nothing is normal. Your heart is broken and you just need time). I've done this, and it's all familiar pattern. Everything will get easier day by day.

Yeah, we'll see... Whatever you're going through this past week, I hope yours much better than mine.
See you in the next post!
Good luck! 

XO Fienna N 
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