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Weekly Notes #20

Monday, February 29, 2016

Today is the last day in February. Tomorrow we will face March. In some area, like Indonesia, March still rainy season. Bring your umbrella everywhere you go. As for me, March always be the most exciting month of the year. It's my birthday month and there always be an exciting things to do in this month.

As for this month, I already prepare some exciting post for you to read. That's why you need stay tune on my blog, subscribe it if you don't want to missed any post.
Okay, now this post already sounds like Greetings that i used to do monthly. Usually I always discuss something interesting and kinda thoughtful for weekly notes, this time not sure what I should update you. Ah ya, my office going to move out to a new location, that something new. But I'm not gonna discuss that.

A couple day ago, I went out with a friend. He mention about experiences in relationship. He said, "You had lots of relationship before, it makes your experience much better." Hm...

Well, it depend actually. It likes when you have relationship, as many as you had before, it doesn't mean that you are resistant to broken heart and how much it hurt your heart. Before I thought because I had few bad experienced with love, it makes me more ready to face another broken heart. In fact, my heart still hurt, it like i got huge wound that won't easily heal, there's an empty hole where my lovers gone. So, I think although we had bad relationship before, it doesn't make you resistant to another bad love story too.

All things still depend on you. Yes, you will take it as a lesson so you will do better in next relationship. But it doesn't meant that you wont get hurt again. All I'm saying is, when you facing love means you are ready with all the risk. For better or for worst. For happy time or bad times. All things have two sides that make it balance. If you don't want get hurts, don't fall in love. You wanna be happy, go fall in love again and again. Take everyday as a lesson that you won't ever get it in school.

Don't forget be happy and be who you are. See you on the next post! 

*Pst, if you wanna know how to make marble skin on the picture above, stay tune on my blog in this weekend! I'll write a DIY post for it!

Good luck! 

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