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50 Things That Makes Me Happy

Saturday, March 26, 2016
Special for my birthday (which was last month), I'll share you about 50 things that makes me happy. This tag will remind you about all lovely things that makes you put a smile on your pretty face... There's all random things I remember, so no a real line up. Don't forget to make yours too, then you will be more thankful about your life now.

Here's my 50 things : 
1. A good morning text from someone
2. Kissed on my forehead
3. Cat and dog and more furr-friends  

4. Writing new content for my blog
5. Reading nice and thoughtful comment on my blog
6. Seeing an old friend
7. Coffelity-time with my buddy
8.Good & Inspiring quotes
9. Youtube and vlog
10. IKEA
11. Home decor and minimalist furniture
12. Fudge brownies
13. Tuberose flowers

14. Have a chill day at work
15. DIY something and make it a good post
16. My car and driving it around the city with a cup of my favorite coffee from Starbuck (It's Frapuccino Caramel Machiatto, with extra caramel!)

17. Singing while driving
18. Someone hold my hand or hug me from the back
19. Do anything (not a work related)

20. Mostly anything with avocado
21. Sushi and salmon. Yumm!
22. Took a good selfie or at least a fun selfie
 (please don't mind with my outfit, I was try to bear with the cold)

23. Good hair days
24. Do hair treatment in hair salon
25. Chit chat with my Dad (as long as it's not about when I'll get married and his speech)
26. Family bonding time
27. Watching a good movie in cinema
28. Reading blogs
29. Writing new story (either love story or fantasy land)

30. Reading magazine
31. Learning something new and excited about it
32. Producing new ideas
33. Beach and white sands
34. Vanilla and white musk (The Body Shop)
35. Smooth skin face (without pimple or oily)
36. Pretty dresses (Haute couture)
37. Making gift for friends and family

38. Weekends and more days off
39. Likes & new followers from my Instagram account
40. Nailed it a new idea
41. Coming home and relaxing after a busy day
42. Good match on outfit today
43. Traveling

44. Someone ask me out for a night or weekend
45. Cozy evening with my laptop and my cat snuggle in my feet
46. Browsing Pinterest
47. Seeing a smile in my loves one face
48. Meeting new people
49. Good laugh, good friends and good chit chat
50. A new hobby (and perhaps a new job too!)

Will you share yours? Tag your friend with #50 Things That Makes Me Happy, and see their list of happy moment. Please hit the subscribed and share button, and give me comment about few things that makes you happy.

See you on the next post! 

Weekly Notes #21 Be Gentle to Animals

Monday, March 07, 2016

Until yesterday I still don't know what to write for my Weekly Notes this time. But then I watched a video on Facebook about a dog that dig a hole for himself, because a huge part of his head skull was gone, eaten by maggots. From the video we knew that the dog dig a hole so he wont bother anyone to do for him and he just waiting himself dying.

But then, some angels (yes, whoever who help this poor dog are such angels) help him to get out from the hole, clean and take care of his almost all gone skull head until he fully recovery.. That video really touches anyone's heart. I hope God bless these angels everywhere they go.

But, this morning, I read some tweets from my favorite writer, that I know she is a dog lover (has 10 beautiful happy living dogs in her house), she's talking about this recent issue on internet. I take some of the picture, and it breaks my heart.. Look this poor golden dog. His/her owner put him on the top of his car, with no string at all. Have you seen dog surfing? If you see before on the beach with his owner, this time on the top of car, while the car is moving in quite fast speed.

Can you see the dog's tail is down, means he super scared, and trying to balance and try to not fall. Can you imagine how hard it have been for a dog like that? This picture captured by someone that see this thing in Jogjakarta, so I hope whoever, animal lovers or not, angels or not, would help this poor baby. I read from what people said, his owner like to changed his car, and few other dog with the same behavior. Put their pet on the roof of the car. So damn cruel and insane. This kind of person really will be welcome in hell with open arms of whoever guard the hell gate.


I hope someone will help you and your buddies from the cruel owner of yours, poor golden..

I meant, if you don't like an animal, please don't be cruel to them. Maybe they aren't human, but doesn't mean they don't deserve love and kindness.. If you don't like animals, just please don't disturb them, don't hurt them, just leave them alone. Don't be such a jerk with hurting animals, just because you dislike them. There's more people who loves to adopt them and accept them as part of family.

You know that, animals (dog mostly) can have really angelic heart to you and your family, if you take a good care of them? I heard all of the good story how dogs even can be more gentle than any other live being. They don't care if you are poor or rich, as long as you are with them. I'd love to have my own dog, but I can't. That's why its really breaking my heart to see how these stupid people loves and enjoyed to actually hurt their pets.


Animals are your friend, not enemy. Don't let your heart getting dark and hurt this beautiful angels. They are really the best therapist to your lonely days, best companies to your hectic life, and best part of families if you keep them with you (plus with take a good care of them).
If you dislike them, don't keep them with you. Give it to shelter or someone who loves to adopt one.
If you dislike them, don't throw them to a strange place and give them no chance to live.
If you dislike them, please please at least don't hurt them. They won't hurt you unless you harm them first.

Be gentle. Be a gentle human being. Be gentle to others. 
Have a good day and good luck!

XO Fienna

DIY Marble Phone Case

Saturday, March 05, 2016
DIY phone case marble

I've been in love with anything marble effect like my phone case skin on the picture above. Since the skin quite pricey, how about I make it myself? Before this I did couple things skin cases with marble effect to, and it turns out great (my Macbook Air skin cover and iPad mini back cover)!

Here's what you will need : 
  • Contact paper with marble effect 
  • Hard phone case 
  • A pair of scissors
  • A cutter 
  • A pen 
This tutorial will be done within less than 5 minutes. So easy, let's started!
  • Trace your phone cases back on the contact paper (on the side with guidelines) with a pen or pencil. Don't forget with the hole for lens camera and the flashlight
  • With a pair of scissors, cut down with follow the line. For the hole part, you can use cutter or art knife, slowly, so you won't cut out of the line
  • After all done, peel off sticker part from the back paper, and put down to the back (outside) of your phone case. Use the edge of card to smooth it out. Make it no bubble in the middle of surface. 
  • And you are done! 
It's easy and simple enough right? Follow me for more simple DIY like this and don't forget to subscribe!
Good luck and see you soon on the next post! 

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