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50 Things That Makes Me Happy

Saturday, March 26, 2016
Special for my birthday (which was last month), I'll share you about 50 things that makes me happy. This tag will remind you about all lovely things that makes you put a smile on your pretty face... There's all random things I remember, so no a real line up. Don't forget to make yours too, then you will be more thankful about your life now.

Here's my 50 things : 
1. A good morning text from someone
2. Kissed on my forehead
3. Cat and dog and more furr-friends  

4. Writing new content for my blog
5. Reading nice and thoughtful comment on my blog
6. Seeing an old friend
7. Coffelity-time with my buddy
8.Good & Inspiring quotes
9. Youtube and vlog
10. IKEA
11. Home decor and minimalist furniture
12. Fudge brownies
13. Tuberose flowers

14. Have a chill day at work
15. DIY something and make it a good post
16. My car and driving it around the city with a cup of my favorite coffee from Starbuck (It's Frapuccino Caramel Machiatto, with extra caramel!)

17. Singing while driving
18. Someone hold my hand or hug me from the back
19. Do anything (not a work related)

20. Mostly anything with avocado
21. Sushi and salmon. Yumm!
22. Took a good selfie or at least a fun selfie
 (please don't mind with my outfit, I was try to bear with the cold)

23. Good hair days
24. Do hair treatment in hair salon
25. Chit chat with my Dad (as long as it's not about when I'll get married and his speech)
26. Family bonding time
27. Watching a good movie in cinema
28. Reading blogs
29. Writing new story (either love story or fantasy land)

30. Reading magazine
31. Learning something new and excited about it
32. Producing new ideas
33. Beach and white sands
34. Vanilla and white musk (The Body Shop)
35. Smooth skin face (without pimple or oily)
36. Pretty dresses (Haute couture)
37. Making gift for friends and family

38. Weekends and more days off
39. Likes & new followers from my Instagram account
40. Nailed it a new idea
41. Coming home and relaxing after a busy day
42. Good match on outfit today
43. Traveling

44. Someone ask me out for a night or weekend
45. Cozy evening with my laptop and my cat snuggle in my feet
46. Browsing Pinterest
47. Seeing a smile in my loves one face
48. Meeting new people
49. Good laugh, good friends and good chit chat
50. A new hobby (and perhaps a new job too!)

Will you share yours? Tag your friend with #50 Things That Makes Me Happy, and see their list of happy moment. Please hit the subscribed and share button, and give me comment about few things that makes you happy.

See you on the next post! 
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