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DIY Marble Phone Case

Saturday, March 05, 2016
DIY phone case marble

I've been in love with anything marble effect like my phone case skin on the picture above. Since the skin quite pricey, how about I make it myself? Before this I did couple things skin cases with marble effect to, and it turns out great (my Macbook Air skin cover and iPad mini back cover)!

Here's what you will need : 
  • Contact paper with marble effect 
  • Hard phone case 
  • A pair of scissors
  • A cutter 
  • A pen 
This tutorial will be done within less than 5 minutes. So easy, let's started!
  • Trace your phone cases back on the contact paper (on the side with guidelines) with a pen or pencil. Don't forget with the hole for lens camera and the flashlight
  • With a pair of scissors, cut down with follow the line. For the hole part, you can use cutter or art knife, slowly, so you won't cut out of the line
  • After all done, peel off sticker part from the back paper, and put down to the back (outside) of your phone case. Use the edge of card to smooth it out. Make it no bubble in the middle of surface. 
  • And you are done! 
It's easy and simple enough right? Follow me for more simple DIY like this and don't forget to subscribe!
Good luck and see you soon on the next post! 
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