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Weekly Notes #21 Be Gentle to Animals

Monday, March 07, 2016

Until yesterday I still don't know what to write for my Weekly Notes this time. But then I watched a video on Facebook about a dog that dig a hole for himself, because a huge part of his head skull was gone, eaten by maggots. From the video we knew that the dog dig a hole so he wont bother anyone to do for him and he just waiting himself dying.

But then, some angels (yes, whoever who help this poor dog are such angels) help him to get out from the hole, clean and take care of his almost all gone skull head until he fully recovery.. That video really touches anyone's heart. I hope God bless these angels everywhere they go.

But, this morning, I read some tweets from my favorite writer, that I know she is a dog lover (has 10 beautiful happy living dogs in her house), she's talking about this recent issue on internet. I take some of the picture, and it breaks my heart.. Look this poor golden dog. His/her owner put him on the top of his car, with no string at all. Have you seen dog surfing? If you see before on the beach with his owner, this time on the top of car, while the car is moving in quite fast speed.

Can you see the dog's tail is down, means he super scared, and trying to balance and try to not fall. Can you imagine how hard it have been for a dog like that? This picture captured by someone that see this thing in Jogjakarta, so I hope whoever, animal lovers or not, angels or not, would help this poor baby. I read from what people said, his owner like to changed his car, and few other dog with the same behavior. Put their pet on the roof of the car. So damn cruel and insane. This kind of person really will be welcome in hell with open arms of whoever guard the hell gate.


I hope someone will help you and your buddies from the cruel owner of yours, poor golden..

I meant, if you don't like an animal, please don't be cruel to them. Maybe they aren't human, but doesn't mean they don't deserve love and kindness.. If you don't like animals, just please don't disturb them, don't hurt them, just leave them alone. Don't be such a jerk with hurting animals, just because you dislike them. There's more people who loves to adopt them and accept them as part of family.

You know that, animals (dog mostly) can have really angelic heart to you and your family, if you take a good care of them? I heard all of the good story how dogs even can be more gentle than any other live being. They don't care if you are poor or rich, as long as you are with them. I'd love to have my own dog, but I can't. That's why its really breaking my heart to see how these stupid people loves and enjoyed to actually hurt their pets.


Animals are your friend, not enemy. Don't let your heart getting dark and hurt this beautiful angels. They are really the best therapist to your lonely days, best companies to your hectic life, and best part of families if you keep them with you (plus with take a good care of them).
If you dislike them, don't keep them with you. Give it to shelter or someone who loves to adopt one.
If you dislike them, don't throw them to a strange place and give them no chance to live.
If you dislike them, please please at least don't hurt them. They won't hurt you unless you harm them first.

Be gentle. Be a gentle human being. Be gentle to others. 
Have a good day and good luck!

XO Fienna
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