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28 Things I've Learned in 28 Years (Life + Love) | Fienna Nurhadi

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Every year, when we passed another year and ready to facing the new year, there must be few new things that we learn. Whether it was a good lesson or one that makes you feel grateful each and every day. Age is something that I rather not talk about (as well my weight, if you want to ask), but times is where we can learn our mistakes and make it better next times (or not fall in the same hole again). 

This is the one that I should put on post like couple months ago, right on my birthday, with a video. But I'm really bad with promises, so I put this under my #30DaysChallenges this month. So, here are 28 Things I've learned in 28 years (life and love matters combined) :

1. Be kind to yourself and other people
2. Always put a smile on your face
3. Less judging, more accepting
4. Less planning, just do it
5. Challenge yourself so you will grow and learn
6. Expect less from strangers
7. Anything you do, love the process, then you'll value the result even more
8. Sometimes it's okay to fail
9. Loving the wrong person isn’t always a bad thing (it will help you grow and maturing)
10. Always celebrate how far you have come (as small reward for yourself, so you will proud how much you grow)
11. Respect and accept your partner point of view, like they accept and respect yours
12. Even the best relationship have flaws and takes times to works
13. Not all people would understand your dream as clearly as you can, and that’s okay
14. Sometimes real world is more live than online world
15. Failing in relationship isn’t the same like failing in life
16. Doing your hobby/passion/what you love, will help you keep sane
17. Sometimes dreams just have to wait (be patient. the best things happen unexpectedly)
18. Love where you are right now (and be grateful)
19. Breathe. (you need that a lot)
20. Don’t decide things when you feel sad/angry/mad
21. Only you can make it happen
22. Love at first sight is a real thing
23. Fear is only happening in your head
24. Your number one priority relationship is with yourself
25. Passion changes everything
26. If you think you need it, re-do your life
27. People talk behind your back, ignore them. Because they don't know your whole story.
28. Love yourself first and be happy

Hope you can learn or be inspired by it. Please share yours on the comment box below, maybe I can learn from it as well, and I'd love to read them too.
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