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If I Could Use Only 1 Apps in Each Category

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lately, we find a lots of new apps and it makes us keep changing after a while. Some might still in high rate because they keep adding new important improvements, while some might lose their popularity. Let's say if in this world, we only have fewer apps that makes our choices are limited, what would you gonna do? I read this kind of thought somewhere, but in different form. They were talk about beauty product. Since I do not know well about it, so I put it together something that I know little bit well and we all use it as well.

Back to my question, if you could use only 1 apps in each category, which one you would choose? Well, today I'll share it to you what I thought... later, on the comment box below, please share yours. 

LINE : At this moment, I use few messaging service at the same times. Each one of them has the different list of people that I talk the most. But since this times they share the same values, such as message, voice messages, free calls, share images and videos, etc... I would prefer use LINE. It does good job so far. The voice while free calls is in good quality, it also good for sharing cute stickers to express our emotion. They also seems makes it more friendly and all in one kind of things.

WAZE : For directions, Waze actually compares with Google Maps. They both have plus minus points, but Waze still wins my heart. Although sometimes it drives me to some small road and there's no information whatsoever. Compares to the competitors, Waze still more easy to use and really helping.

Share Pictures
INSTAGRAM : Lately we've been waved by Stellar, where you can actually tells about story through pictures. It's more like make an album for each of your story. But all of it starting from Instagram. Like if you want to see someone else life and go deeper, you can find what story they tell from Stellar. But if you want to see someone else basic thought, go with Instagram. I like Instagram better, still.

Share daily videos
SNAPCHAT : Vlogs literally runs this place these days. I watched few people daily vlogs like almost every day and it become a new habit of mine in the morning, right before I'm get ready. It's fun to watch sneak peek of their fabulous life. While daily vlog in Youtube are quite long (like more than 10 mins long each videos), I'd choose Snapchat. They also give you few cute filter to use on the video. It's so much fun just take a normal vlog.

Social Media
TWITTER : Before there's Path for our little circle of friends, or Snapchat to share our daily activities vlog, there's Twitter where we shared our thought. Within 140 characters only, we share our wide and (sometimes) wild thoughts. I like this one much better than Facebook. Why? It's easier to use, still kind a limited but also have so many features. While Facebook is already like over-used, twitter still have that 140 characters only. And this times, they make it even better. We can share pictures, live videos, share news, and else.

SPOTIFY : Plus side of Spotify service is actually they still allow us to listen music without subscribe, although there a limitation such as need Wifi connection only (means if you are not a member, you can't listen even with your data plan internet). But the subscribes charge is lower than Apple Music and total amount of songs that they have pretty much the same (except for Taylor Swift that signed her contract with Apple Music just yet). So yeah, so far so good. 

Traveloka : For those Indonesian, Traveloka is a huge help to booked plan ticket or hotel. I'm not travelling that much, but when I do, most of the time I use this app to search for hotel or ticket. They are great!

So there are my ultimate fave apps from each category. Share yours in comment box down below, don't forget to subscribe so you won't miss another post! See you on the post! 
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