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Weekly Notes #26 : Digitally Social vs Practically Social

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I'm sure, most of us are socially active through social media in digital world. Like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Path, or maybe with other social media these days. Wherever you go, everyone busy with their phone or tablet, talking to each other through digital. They are less talking with each other anymore. I think there's should be a rules, phones on the table when we are meeting with our friends.

A good friend of mine told me once, that being digitally social actually isn't the same like being literally/practically social. We always think that both sides are the same. No, you are wrong.

You probably have 1000 friends on your social media, talks to quite few of them digitally, but maybe only few real numbers that you actually be friend with in real life. The practically social is the one that you should take care of instead the digital one.

So what do you think? Do you agree with statement above? Or you have your own opinion? Share it to me, because I'd love to know it. And tell me as well, which side are you on?

See you on the next post! Have a good day!
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