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Throwback Thursday : JAPAN TRIP DETAIL!!

Thursday, April 06, 2017
2 years ago (November 2015 and yes I know it's been long time ago), I went to Japan with my mom and my sister. It was really a great first time trip for me. My mom lived in Japan back on 2002 for 4 years, and my sister also born there (in Fukuoka). After that, my mom visited Japan again few times for seminars and my sister also went along with her. Well, I think Japan and their culture is become part of their life too now, basically they love Japan to the moon and back. As for me, well I love traveling and visit new places, so Japan was amazing to me. 

After that trip, I wrote about the part one of the trip. We went to Tokyo, as my mom had to do her seminar about Entomology (if you don't know what this about, don't worry, you are not alone. I don't understand either. It a subject about pest and plants. My mom is a lecturer for that subject) in Tokyo Nodai University. Then after that we roaming around some places in Tokyo too, such as Shibuya, took a one day to Fujikawaguchiko, and of course Tokyo Disneyland. Full story you can read here. 
One bright day but cold somewhere in Tokyo street
One normal day in Japan train

My sister, Yuri, ask me to took picture in front of her fave singer album rack
We literally visit this place just because she wanted to took this picture. Duh!
Our luggage to the next destination, Hokkaido!

After few days in Tokyo, our trip continue to Hokkaido, the coldest part of Japan. Even when its summer, I heard Hokkaido will always have cool weather. But when its winter, it will be like freezing cold. I went there around autumn, it was crazy cold for me. For my mom and maybe the rest of people in Japan, it was okay weather, only around 10-ish Celsius degrees (Tokyo was around 19-16ish celsius). Since I came from 2 type of seasons country that never have winter or autumn, those number makes me not that happy. But to see with my own eyes such a beautiful places, I was really happy. As you can see, how thick my clothes was and it still feel so cold for me.
Those yellow trees in the street before took our lunch
Where do I stay while in Hokkaido? 
Lucky me, my Mom still in good contact with her old friends in Japan, so before we came to Japan, she contact one of her best friend in Japan and let her know that she will come. Her name is Barbara-san (not a japanese name i know, but my mom call her like that), and she lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido and she runs her place for Airbnb so people can stay with her family in her house as guest.

If you ever wanted to visit Hokkaido and need a place to stay, you can try her place. Check Barbara-san place in Airbnb hereShe's really amazing host. She lives with her son (Maruto-san) and daugther, a cute dog and sometimes her mom also. In the morning you will see the beautiful mount view from the living room. Click the picture below if you want to check out her place.

Barbara-san AirBnb place in Sapporo - Hokkaido Japan

Where to eat halal food? 
If you are a muslim, you can have some limit to eat food in country where muslim is a minority. But in Japan now, find halal food or restaurant isn't that hard as before, although still only few places. Barbara-san know this thing and invite us to eat udon in a place that she said halal and in fact they have halal certificate. Honestly, it was the best curry udon that i've ever taste. The soup consistency was perfect, the after taste was great! I love it so much and it also good for body to feel warmer afterwards. If you looking for halal restaurant in Sapporo, for some ideas you can find them here. 


Where to visit in Sapporo - Hokkaido?
I wasn't research about where to go in Sapporo, so we just follow Barbara around. She show us some places. One of them were this ski jump place in Mt. Okura area. But because we came on autumn so the snow wasn't there yet, we cant see nor playing with it. But take the train and went up to see the view was also mesmerizing. A staff even show us the room for athlete before they took a place to jump from up there. 
If you visit Sapporo when its snow, you can see Sapporo Snow Festival. Here to see about this event.

This places I'm about to mention actually there some in Japan, not only in Sapporo. If you visit Japan, you really should visit place such as Book-Off or Don Quijote. 

Book-Off is a place for all preloved stuff (from clothes, electronic, books, music instrument, household stuff and all you can name it ~ except food) with crazy cheap price placed in a warehouse. You really need to watch your wallet if you visit this place. Although there always a small shop on the street that also sell second hand stuff and you might find a good condition stuff with only half or event a quarter price than the original one.

Good news for us that still want to enjoy great cut off price but can't go to Japan, you can find a spin off version of Book-Off in Malaysia. That place called Jalan-Jalan Japan also sell preloved from Japan with really crazy cheap price, like starting RM5-RM10 for a wool clothes. WHAATT!! This one is another must visit place for us who love some cheap stuff with great quality. 

Another one is Don Quijote, a tax free shop that sell many things include cosmetic (makeup), food, hobbies, medicine and ect). You might find unique stuff here and the price also good. You can buy stuffs for your family and friends here and happy shopping.  

After 2 years, I'm still waiting another chance to give myself a seat to visit Japan again. I know maybe not now, but someday later.. Throwback Thursday wish this week? So I can visit Japan again someday. What is yours? Share me some detail down on the comment box, also tell me about which country you want to visit this 2017?

Happy weekend y'all!
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