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An Open Letter To My Ex

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Dear you,

I really don't know where or how to begin this, but maybe I should start with the routine like...
"Hey, how are you?"
"How was work today?"
"How was your day? Anything interesting going on today?"
"Did you get to travel to Europe with your relatives after our short trip?"

If you ask me, mine is great. I just landed in UAE a couple days ago. Although, I broke my left knee a week ago, before coming here. Silly me.

Hm... Come back here, it reminds me that I'm in the same time zone as you again. *clap* *clap* But the difference is just that I realize one thing, we don't talk anymore.
Hm... People say, "Whatever happens in Malaysia, stays in Malaysia", so the friendship that going on can remain still and that what we actually should do. But the way you said it, seems different, you just need a reason to break it up to me.

I had a different life before I come to Malaysia 2 months ago. I'm sure you have your own too. I might be jobless and broke, but my life was good. I have a good life here. But the universe works together and decides that we should meet again once more. Then it happens, then that happens. I took you for granted and that was my fault.

When I spent those few days straight with you, I never imagined they'd be the last we talked. You told me I was your BEST FRIEND. Why did you decide days later that you'd never bother to talk to me again?

I feel for you. I feel really hard for you, 8 years ago.
What I had for you 2 months ago was nothing compared to the one in the past. It was just me digging some old memories I did bury (should've to stay buried) and then collect new memories to add-up what we should have 8 years ago. I think you just overreacting about the whole thing.

That makes me wonder, was it me you push/force to move on from you, or was it you who actually need to move on?

I moved on. Not by meeting other guys, or dating new people or getting married to one. But I decide for myself that I should not beg for you to stay (when you are the one who always wants to get away). Friends shouldn't have done that.

I moved on from you, long time ago even before I met you again in our short trip.

But hey, someone said to me that...

You can still love them even when you've unfollowed each other
You can still love them even when they're no longer talking to you
You can still love them even when you've both realized you're not right for each other
You can still love them even when it's tough because they're no longer yours
You can still love them even when you thought you've moved on from them
You can still love them from afar
You can still love them though it hurts

It's okay. You can still love them until you don't.

Send by yours truly best friend (or maybe not anymore) that has no intention whatsoever. It just feels good to say what I tried to tell. Don't worry, I see the whole picture now.

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